Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TreyAce Press Write up by Tish Coleman (voiceavoice)

Treyace is known for being a Jersey known artists and co-founder of Painscape entertainment. Even though 27 and living life to its fullest, Treyace is known as a leader and a person of self visualization. He has respect for the music of known artists as well as his self. Treyace has learned through his music the significance and virtues progressed throughout the sounds created. His ambition to love something so motivative is the greatness that is seen. To some he might be quiet, but if you listen closely sometime he throws a beat out from his mind. The lyrics heard are strong and consistent that others step back just to take a listen. He enjoys wrestling/TNA and movies of the comic book generation, but when his music is needed everything else comes to a pause and music values than take place. Music to Treyace is a rhythm and poetic sound. When you connect the two the most rapid sound will be flowed from his mouth. So, check him out and stand by because the greatest group will soon come alive... DarealTreyAce can be found on Facebook/TreyAce, Twitter- @DarealTreyace, PainscapeTv.com and email- Treyacemusic@gmail.com

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