Friday, January 6, 2012

B-Dot Holla featuring Yun6 Canon & Mek 46 Street - On

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Introducing Painscape - Voice and make a choice...

Introducing Painscape - Voice and make a choice...

We see ourselves everyday as promoting oneself. But, in reality have we met our specific goal? No one knows the aspects of ones life, until we push forward to get to where we need to. The new generation of music that has developed had motivated a lot of people to go for their goals as well as dreams. Hip Hop has developed from all people. And the more music they present the better the outcome. Painscape is a group that has enchanted and delighted people with their music from New Jersey to Philadelphia. The music that is presented by members of Painscape such as Jodabossman, Mr Souless and DaRealTreyAce has given us the confidence to believe that we can also achieve something through the life changes that are presented to us. Everyone has had pain and everyone has escaped it. Painscape has meaning to people who have had problems, trials even triumps. Painscape inspires people to go for what they are searching for. Even when vocals and cameras have to be focused on, the group still acknowledges the fact that you do exist. Painscape as a group is escalating more and more each day. The structure of the verses that are created from their rhymes and ability has creativity and is felt with much feeling. Their group expresses who they are. They tell a story. And who they are now we have yet to visualize on who they are yet to become. Hip Hop as we know is nothing new, but the rhymes that are created forms a picture that is more than positive its an underground creativity that speaks to you. In other words you have no idea what your missing so go check out the group, Painscape and help them out by showing a little encouragement maybe even give a little feedback on some ideas. Like I said they are listening, and focus on your insights just as well as theirs.
This is Voice A Voice and like I always say Voice And Make a Choice....

Written by Latishia Coleman